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A simple (but not simplistic) Digital Twin simulation framework to grow your business with confidence™.

The Route Growth Framework

1. Identify Your Growth Paths

Select growth options from one of five possible paths (Increase quantity sold, Increase selling price, Reduce variable cost per unit, Increase output, Reduce fixed cost).

2. Validate The identified Paths

Determine process changes required to implement each path; model to-be processes for each path; simulate, validate and determine success and failure conditions for each path.

3. Execute your Chosen path(s)

Choose your high-probability growth path(s); implement process and platform changes; monitor and measure progress vs goals and success and failure conditions; adapt as required.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Business Growth included


Identify Growth Paths

Growing your business means increasing the profits generated by the use of company resources and/or the activities performed by employees of the business.

Sales – Variable Costs – Fixed Costs = Net Profit

The following paths satisfy this equation:

  1. Increase quantity sold
  2. Increase selling price
  3. Reduce variable cost per unit
  4. Increase output
  5. Reduce fixed cost

The Route Growth Framework provides the tools and resources to help you determine your business growth paths — “what to change” — in order to achieve your growth objectives.

“Experiment on a digital model of your product, production process and sales & marketing system — not your live business.”


Validate Paths

The challenges of growing a business is similar for small and large businesses alike. The difference lies in (a) the available tools and resources for identifying, qualifying, validating and executing growth initiatives, and (b) the ability to withstand and recover from failed growth experiments conducted on the live business. For many businesses, a failed growth experiment can be an existential event. There’s a better way.

Measure twice, cut once.” — The carpenter’s adage. 

A Digital Twin is an accurate, digital model of your product, production process and sales & marketing system. Run your experiments on your Digital Twin to validate growth paths before changing your business.

The Route Growth Framework provides guidance and resources to digitally model the aspects of your business that are pertinent to your chosen growth path(s), simulate the required process changes, validate results and identify “what to change to as well as the conditions required to achieve success. 



Impulsively executing a carefully crafted strategy or “figuring out” implementation details while you implement can be as risky as running experiments on your live business. Execution Risk can be minimized by investing effort to evaluate “how to make the change” while the strategy is being formulated. 

Gain organizational buy-in, Build execution into strategy.

The Route Growth Framework cultivates organizational buy-in, builds execution into strategy, and institutionalizes organization capacity to sustain growth innovation. 

Let’s Get Growing

The Route Growth Framework provides a simple, effective solution for small and mid-size businesses seeking growth.

It is a synthesis of insights and techniques from finance, engineering and operations management disciplines — applied to the task of quickly determining and implementing high-confidence growth paths for businesses. Get started today, to ..

Grow your business with confidence™.

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We think this is genius!!!!! We love it!!!

Thank you for so many insights to ensure the success of CDG!! At the start of next year we would like to do the same exercises for WJA to insure its continued success!

Ashley Mitchell, Owner & President, WJA

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